The following comprehensive plan has been established to allow Manhattan Youth Ballet (MYB) to keep our students, faculty, and staff, safe while in our studios. This plan outlines how we can remain in person while mitigating, to the best of our ability, the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. These policies and protocols are based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and the NY State Department of Health. 

The health and safety of our students and employees is incredibly important to Manhattan Youth Ballet. We are fully committed to continually updating and revising this plan as new information about the virus becomes available.


We will be closely monitoring any variants and will update our policies as needed.  


The Health of our MYB Community is a responsibility we all share. Our ability to conduct in-person learning rests on our collective commitment to be diligent regarding all the new policies and procedures as well as personal health and hygiene. 

Stay Home if Sick or Exposed

Students, parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff should stay home if they have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, body aches, shortness of breath, rash or lost sense of taste or smell. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult your medical professional immediately. 

If a student, parent, or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been notified by the NY Department of Health that they were in contact with an individual infected with COVID-19, you must notify MYB at once. 

Travel Restrictions and Quarantine

We ask you comply with all recommendations listed on the CDC website.


Domestic Travel

International Travel


Please monitor the New York State travel advisory website if any member of your household decides to travel. 

Visitor Rules

Visitors are not allowed on the premises without direct permission from a school official and a scheduled appointment. 


Though not mandatory, we are recommending all students, of age for the vaccine, to get inoculated. 


Face Masks

Masks must be worn by all students, all parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff while in common areas. Disposable face coverings will be available at the front desk for anyone who arrives without one. 

Acceptable face coverings include, but are not limited to, multilayered cloth face coverings and surgical masks that cover both the mouth and nose. Do not wear fleece masks, bandanas, or neck gators. If you choose to wear a face shields you must also wear a mask. 

If a full level/class is entirely vaccinated we will not be requiring the mask while dancing in that class. Vincent Paradiso will be in charge of collecting proof of vaccination and will notify all levels of their status. Vaccine status will remain confidential and will only be used to determine the mask requirement for a particular level. 

Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitizing or washing is required before and after class. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout MYB as well as soap and paper towels in the bathrooms. 

Hand sanitizer should be rubbed into palms and thoroughly around hands for 20-30 seconds until dry. Hands should be washed frequently with soap for 20 seconds at a time. Signage illustrating proper hand-washing technique will be posted throughout the school. 

Enhanced Cleaning, Disinfection, Ventilation

Enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented throughout MYB. Surface treating technologies such as electrostatic equipment with CDC approved disinfectants will be utilized to sanitize our studios, including barres and high touch surfaces, before and after every class. All studios will be properly disinfected between classes. The entire premises will be cleaned and disinfected each evening. 


Indoor air quality has been improved to meet the CDC recommendations with the installation filters in our HVAC system.

Physical Distancing

The occupancy capacity of MYB has been greatly reduced to meet all federal and state guidelines. The number of in-person classes has been reduced by 50% and strict physical distancing will be instituted in all studios and common areas. 


Arrival and Class Procedures

Be sure to arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of class. 

Dressing Room and Bathroom Facilities 

  • Dressing rooms may only be used to access the bathrooms. 

  • A maximum of four students at a time may use the bathroom facilities. 

  • Lockers will not be available. 

  • Water fountains will not be operational. Students should bring their own water bottle into class. 

Class Size

Maximum class sizes are listed below.


  • Young Children’s Divison: 6-10 children dependent on size of studio

  • Pre-Professional Division: 20-25 dependent on size of studio.


Young Dancer Division Procedures 

  • Each Young Children’s Division class has been allotted a parent/caregiver waiting area and a studio.

  • Once parents, caregivers and children have gone through the health screening and sanitized hands, they will be directed to the “waiting area”. Coats and extra clothing should be kept in the waiting area during class. 
  • Children should arrive wearing fully dressed for class and only take off their outer clothing and change shoes upon arrival.

When class is ready to start, children will be escorted into their classroom. Parents and caregivers will be given access to watch class via zoom on their own mobile devices.


At the end of class children will be escorted back to the waiting area where everyone will have ten minutes to quickly depart. 

All students aged 2-6 must have a parent or caregiver present in the waiting area, ready to assist their child should they need to use the bathroom, or just need a hug or high-five. Teachers will be social distancing throughout the class. You may arrange for a classmate's parent or caregiver to be the chaperone for your child provided we receive email notification directly from the parent in advance. One adult only is permitted to chaperone each child. Siblings, including babies in carriers, visitors, and strollers are not permitted. Street shoes without covers are not permitted in any of the studios.


We will closely monitor the latest developments regarding COVID-19 to ensure that we are continuing to follow appropriate recommendations from health authorities to maintain a safe environment. 

If Someone Becomes Sick while on premises at MYB 

  • If a student becomes ill while at MYB, the student will quickly be brought to an isolated area. MYB staff will contact their parent or guardian and the student must be picked up within one hour of the call. A staff member, wearing PPE will monitor the student until the parent or guardian arrives. A separate exit near the isolation room will be used for departure. The student’s symptoms should be reported to a medical professional immediately. 

  • If an employee becomes sick at MYB, the employee will leave the building immediately and report their symptoms to a medical professional. 

  • All areas accessed by a sick individual will be immediately cleaned and disinfected following the CDC prescribed guidelines. 

COVID-19 Reporting and Privacy 

  • Just as MYB expects its community members to communicate proactively about their health, MYB will also communicate proactively about the community’s health. If a student or MYB employee tests positive for COVID-19, MYB will immediately notify the NYC Department of Health. MYB will also notify the parents/guardians of students, and any faculty and staff who came into contact with the infected person. 

  • The sick person’s identity will be kept confidential. 


COVID-19 Tracing and School Closure 

  • If any member of our community comes into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, they must complete a 10-day quarantine regardless of their own symptoms or test results. 
  • If any members (students or teachers) test positive in the same class, the entire class will be considered close contacts and will be notified to self-quarantine for 10 days. Classes will continue online during the quarantine period. 

  • If two or more students or teachers test positive in different classes, the entire school will be closed for 24 hours while cleaning, disinfecting, tracing and notifications take place. Classes will continue online. 

Returning to MYB Following Illness or Quarantine 

  • Students, parents, caregivers, faculty and staff may not to return to MYB until they have met the CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation for COVID-19: one day with no fever without the use of fever- reducing medication, recovery from all symptoms, and ten days elapsed since the symptoms first appeared. 
  • A negative COVID-19 test result for a student does not reduce the 10-day quarantine period. 

  • A doctor’s note will be required to return to MYB. 

  • Students who are feeling well enough may participate in virtual classes during their quarantine. 


Manhattan Youth Ballet & Manhattan Movement & Arts Center are responsible for ensuring that all occupants of our space have been provided with clear and thorough instructions regarding MYB’s health and safety practices. Please be informed that any person who fails to comply with the health and safety protocols set by MYB will be asked to leave the school.