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Student Choreography

We believe that choreography is a valuable way for young dancers to learn to use their individual voices and creativity within the field of dance. MYB invites student choreographers to create works for our Spring Workshop each year in order to foster this creative learning process.


Many of our students are both talented dancers and choreographers. Because of the growing interest and talent among our ranks, we have created a special program to focus on student choreography. This program is open to all students in Level F. 

Interested students will fill out a Student Choreography Proposal Form

Students should keep in mind while writing their proposals that they will be considered to choreograph on students in Levels C-F. Student choreographers may include what level/levels they wish to work with in their proposals, however the final decision is at the discretion of the MYB Faculty and Choreographic Mentors.

The MYB Faculty will select a limited number of student choreographers to create pieces for our annual Spring Workshop.

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